Bellows Family with Christian Science Reader on the Porch

Conte Crayon and Graphite on Paper



James Cox reported as follows in his letter of 2/15/07: "I have concluded that this drawing was done between 1922 and 1925. You will note that the two center square supporting pillars match the design of the open porch at the Bellow's house in Woodstock. We know that George and Emma Bellows were active in Woodstock's Christian Science Church. "The Reader," a title always given to this picture, refers to the seated woman at the right of the picture. She is a Christian Science reader who frequented the Bellows' household. The most recent owner, Katherine W. Taylor (Charles Rosen's granddaughter), concurs with the above and adds that this drawing hung in the grandfather's studio since the 1920's. Of additional note, George Bellows completed his house in 1922."

Provenance The artist
Gift to Charles Rosen (artist & neighbor)
Katherine Rosen Warner (Rosen's Daughter)
Katherine W. Taylor (Rosen's Granddaughter)
James Cox Gallery, Willow, NY, 2007
Collection Arthur A. Anderson

Exhibition Leaving for the Country: George Bellows at Woodstock (Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochster, Terra Museum of American Art, Georgia Museum of Art, Vero Beach Museum of Art), 2003-2004, Plate 53. Pg. 96.

On loan to the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY 2006-2008

Image: 8 x 11 1/2"
Sheet: 8 x 12 3/8"
Mat: 16 x 20"